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Is Adsense Down?

This is the question I get from most of the Adsense players now a days. I have only one answer.. No Adsense is not down rather its much secure and reliable for both the advertisers and webmasters. W e all know the economic crisis world is going through now. The drop in earnings may be a direct result of this. But this is a boon for webmasters , well atleast in my optimistic view. Because as a webmaster I will experiment for optimising my revenue some how doing soem ad placement experiment or traffic experiment. Some succeed , For Those who had succeded there is a big catch awaiting when the qworld return to its normal economic state. But the biggest gain is that those who had done experiments will have their earnings double their good times. May be a year or two till then you guys please experiment with what you got. For example I enjoyed a site with their improvisation in their blog by keeping four coloumns ..bold. The name of that blog is . They have done a good job. Keep it up guys.


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