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How important is a Sitemap?

How important is a Sitemap?

Sitemap is required for your site for two reasons. one is it helps the google spider to crawl your site easily and index your site in a more effective way. Google will index you in its search results without a sitemap. BUt it si recommeneded a sitemap is to be submitted to google specially if you have a large website. The second reason is a html version of sitemap will help your visitors to have a better birds eye view of your site. But there are somany webmasters out there who runs hundreds of websites without a sitemap and still doing good. Thats what I already said Its not necessary to have a sitemap, but it only helps to get a better page ranking. My personal recommendation is if google asks for a sitemap give them one.

As long as google pays you do as they say. It's that simple. Remember Sitemap increases your page rank and the visibility of your website or blog.When installing sitemap generator Never tamper with server files you are not sure with. That will cause permanent damage to your server files. Get the help of some body who knows it. Or use the paid services.Sitemap will tell you if you have any broken links in your site. This is a nice help if you have a larger site where manual checking is impossible for broken links.

To know more about sitemap protocol visit

The official site of sitemaps is

There are so many disputes over years about including sitemap in to websites, but nowadays all the webmasters prefer submitting sitemaps to search engine. There are a number oh sitemap types naming xml, ror, html etc.. The one needed for the google is the xml one. ror is accepted by most of the search engines.
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How to add sitemap for a large website?
How to add a sitemap for a blog in blogger?

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