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Reasons for banning your Adsense Account

Here I List 10 most common reasons for the adsense account being banned.

  1. Clicking on your own Ads. (65%)
  2. So many clicks from same IP address.(10%)
  3. Using robots or third party arrangements.(3%)
  4. Offering Incentives for clicks. (2.5%)
  5. Intucing surfer to click the ads by "click here" tags or other symbols.(3 %)
  6. Placing images near the ads. (1%)
  7. Using other adservices which has the same layout of google.(0.5%)
  8. Copied Content or duplicate content.(10%)
  9. Ads on a zero cotent page or thank you pages.(2%)
  10. Unknown reasons.(3%)

These are not only the reasons of your account getting banned. These are the most common reasons. We cannot pinpoint a particular reason for getting banned, as google never reveal more details about your cancellation, unless you are a premium customer.

For more to know about the googles terms and condition and the prohibited use of ads feel free to visit the following link.

The rules are written in the language normally used for defining rules. These rules are not limited to what is written there, Google update these rules every now and then as required. For knowing more about these updated rules sign up for their news letter or visit forums about adsense. The most recommended forum is where the Adsense administrator also gives visits.


At 6:54 AM , Blogger major1892 said...

Even if your account is BANNED from Adsense and\or Adwords-you do not have to go to Google to get reinstated!Let us help you get your account back fast.


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