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An Added Trick for All Indian adsense enthusiasts

If your website have visitors from a particular country, say from Uk and if you have ads which doesnt have market in Uk, then your chances of getting a lower cpc is very high. So you should be aware of your visitors. You can use for monitoring your website. Its free and most of the webmasters in the world use statcounter for realtime statistics.

Here I will list a few keywords which work well with the different countries.

USA======== Lawyer services, accidental insurances, car insurance.

Uk ======== Real estate, Car insurance, jewellery.

Middle east(Close to europe except gulf) === Dating services, house hold accessories.

India========= most of the ads pay less in india, but there are areas like secondhand goods, computer peripherals and creditcards.

Australia====== Tours and travels, trekking, fishing accessories, gardening.

Europe except UK=== Medical insurance, annuity selling, hotels.

International visitors==Travel and tourism, security devices, beauty care and skin care.

Far East========= Real Estate, Beauty care, computer games contests, computer peripherals, Voip.
So adjusting your site according to your visitors will be a great and effective way to increase your cpc.


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