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How to maintain a good CTR?

How to maintain a good CTR? or What is a good CTR? These are the questions which lot of people asks when they get going in adsense. Actually google haven't revealed much about the approved CTR, but all around the net there are many figures you will come around from so called adsense experts. As far as the clicks are coming from a proper channel ie: without the breach in Googles terms and conditions, a high CTR is approved.

Here I am listing 5 most proven method for increasing your CTR.
  1. Layout of your website plays a keyrole in an effective CTR.Experiment with your adpositioning and stick to the one which suits you most. Most of the times your last adposition will work for you.Puzzled...! Just another way of saying keep on experimenting.
  2. Make sure the ads suits your content, If not add some more keywords in your content. Try placing more keywords in your first paragraph itself.
  3. If you put ads right in the top of your webpage, let it be an image ad. Because the top ads are only being clicked because of pure impulse or the first impression. Put you text ads in the middle of your sidebar or the middle of your content or put one large text ad in the end of content. This way the readers of your website will more tend to click as they read your content or when finish reading the content.
  4. Design your website from a visitors point of view. Never put an ad because you think it will be clicked, instead you become the visitor and look whether the ads prompt you to click.If you feel as a visitor to click on your ads(never click on your own ads) then your visitors surely will.
  5. Make sure you write your content in aproffessional way. Hire a copywriter if you are not a good writer. Your content should be like you are offering something to the visitor, but do not offer anything. Advertisements will take care of offers. Let you be a guide, not the provider.


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