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How to add a sitemap for websites with more than 500 pages?

How to add a sitemap for websites with more than 500 pages?

If your site has more pages the entire process will become little complicated. You can get a free phpSitemapNG sitemap generator click here in this given link follow their instructions and you will be done. In this case the key is changing the required files permisions to the required value. For this particular phpSitemapNG you have to change the permissions of some of the downloaded files to o666 when you copy the downloaded files to your servers root directory.

Another option is you can buy a pro sitemap generator with unlimited pages generating option from and follow their instructions. Thgere are lot of complaints about this sitemap generator from the customers that it is not userfriendly. But if installed properly it works like a faithful gin. They have a paid service of creating sitemap where they will do everything for you for around 10 dollars. If you can't do it for yourself opt for this option. But for that you have to provide them with your server username and password.

If you have read everything and didnt understand anything and still want to create a site map and get it submitted feel free to email us at or we will do everything for you for a less fees.

Next step is you need to ping the google about your updates. For that bookmark this page and whenever you have an update load this from your bookmark and type your url in the space provided here and click ping. Google will be automatically notified about your update.

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