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How to add a sitemap for your website with less than 500 pages?

How to add a sitemap for your website with less than 500 pages?

If you have a website of your own and it doesnt have more than 500 pages then you are lucky. Here is the step by step guide to submit a sitemap.

1. Create a google webmasters account (You have to pay $9658950 for that...just kidding its free) Its in . Add your site there.
2. They will tell you to verify your ownership of the site. Just follow the instructions you will be done with the verification.
3. Now click on add a sitemap link.
4. Another page will comeup with a scroll down menu. Select add a general sitemap.
5. Another page will come up with a space to enter your sitemap address. just minimise the page and go to
6. You can create a sitemap for free at Just type your sites url in the space provided and they will create a sitemap for your site. Download the completed sitemap. There are a number of file extensions available with the sitemaps there. Make sure you download .xml,.html and the .ror formats in to your hard disk.(.xml is for google, ror is for yahoo and html is for your visitors.
7. Now copy the xml sitemap and paste it in your website server. Make sure xml file is accessible with the address
8. Come back to the google webmasters tool now type in the address and hit enter. Thats it you are done.

It will take atleast 20 minutes for google to accept your sitemap. If you like you can provide a html sitemap for your visitors using the html sitemap you downloaded earlier.

Next step is you need to ping the google about your updates. For that bookmark this page and whenever you have an update load this from your bookmark and type your url in the space provided here and click ping. Google will be automatically notified about your update.

If you have any doubts post your comments or email us at or

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